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來自 最純淨天然的塔斯曼尼亞環保手工皂

Beauty & The Bees 是澳洲塔斯曼尼亞著名的手工皂品牌,這個品牌一直崇尚天然,追求純淨的配方,為大家提供天然的護膚產品,而這些產品均不會使用石油製的原材料,包裝也是無塑包裝,為環境和為大家提供一個無污染的選擇 。


Beauty& the Bees 帶領您發現不一樣的自己,讓你認識這個沒有人造化學物質和防腐齊的最純淨的產品。

如果你在冰箱裡保存自然,健康的易腐食品,那麼這就是Beauty& the Bees 超級豐富,保濕霜和其他產品的地方。畢竟,這些產品是由熟悉的食物製成的,例如蜂蜜、奶製品、有機香草、冷壓蔬菜、堅果油、堅果粉和新鮮水果 - 這些成份不會堵塞毛孔,讓你的皮膚自由呼吸。








  • 沒有假病毒的合成氣味
  • 沒有刺激性的合成物質
  • 沒有乾燥,皮膚老化的石化產品
  • 沒有污染塑料
  • 沒有虛假的要求或承諾
  • 沒有謊言
  • 100%無化學品,這些產品都是由一間小小的店舖中,由普通婦女手工製作的。

BEAUTY AND THE BEES只使用在您的食和飲的健康食品中優質的澳洲成分材料製作。例如使用塔斯曼尼亞獨特的原料,未經高溫消毒的Leatherwood蜂蜜,經過認證的有機橄欖油,經過認證的有機/生物動力學塔斯馬尼亞草藥。


Discover the Beauty & the Bees difference for yourself …products that have no artificial chemicals and no preservatives in them, are completely pure,and found no where else.

If you keep natural, healthy perishable food in your refrigerator then that’s where you’ll keep Beauty & the Bees fabulous super rich, FRESH moisture creams and other products. After all, that’s what these products are made from, familiar foods such as honey; dairy cream; organic herbs; cold-pressed vegetable and nut oils; nut meals; and fresh fruit – ingredients that don’t clog the pores, leaving your skin free to breathe.

Our skincare formulas are made with our wilderness island’s unique Leatherwood beeswax and honey, found nowhere else in the world, and possessing an intense floral aroma. Open the jar…warm just a little in your hands…breathe in the mysterious, rich aroma of the Tasmanian temperate rainforest.

These ultra-rich concentrated, very economical creams, whose colour and texture can vary as the seasons change, reflect the natural waxes and oils with which they are carefully hand made. The secret is that they absorb slowly, thereby leaving a long-lasting protective film on the skin, trapping vital moisture in the skin.

We make everything from scratch in house.

We don’t buy in mass manufactured generic ‘base creams’ and relabel like everyone else.

We do this so we ( and you)know exactly what is in them, and that our products are guaranteed free from petrochemical mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, colours, synthetic fragrances – and irritant preservatives ( we chill them instead and sell direct to you instead of storing it in plastic in a warehouse for years before it sits on the chemist’s shop in plastic!)

We use moisturising honey and rich pure plant oils and waxes that have been tried and tested for generations in every culture, to promote soft, healthy, glowing comfortable.

The Beauty & the Bees difference

  • No fake sickly synthetic scents
  • No irritating  synthetics
  • No drying, skin ageing petrochemicals
  • No polluting plastics
  • No false claims or promises
  • No lies…
  • Just 100% chemical-free, luxuriously rich products that really work, handmade – ethically – in a small business – by women just like you.

Beauty & the Bees use only premium quality Australian ingredients found among the healthy gourmet foods you eat and drink. Ingredients like our island’s unique raw, unpasteurised Leatherwood honey, certified organic olive oil, certified organic/biodynamic Tasmanian herbs.

Only the highest quality honey, nut, plant and herb oils-all at effective concentrations.

Hence the products are especially soothing and healing for those whose skin has been sensitised and damaged by years of exposure to chemical skincare products.

About Us

At Lezada, we put a strong emphasis on simplicity, quality and usefulness of fashion products over other factors. Our fashion items never get outdated. They are not short-lived as normal fashion clothes.

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